Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kill me now! (or Two short poems dedicated to an extremely boring man)

I attended a couple of sessions that were part of Social Media Week Bangalore earlier today. The first one on making social media 'snack'able was actually rather palatable (pun intended, of course). Though it really went over those things that are commonly known (content should be simple, use videos, should be worth sharing etc), a revision of sorts never hurt anyone. And it reiterated what most social media experts that I have met have been shouting out loud - SHAMELESSLY PROMOTE! 

The second one on the other hand, was about how essential social media was to integrated marketing. This featured a man with a tri-religious name, much like Amar Akbar Antony. That was all that was remotely interesting about him. He did not speak much about social media, not did he address what it meant for integrated marketing. 

For the most part of the session, he kept talking about himself and his company. And when anyone asked him a question, he only said, "Free consulting you want? Hahahaha," before giving them a vague answer. He also had atrocious spellings and his knowledge of pop-culture was clearly from some article he had read before he put the deck together. Here are some of the gems from his session. 
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly 'Hollows'
  • 'Ganganam' Style
  • 'Kate' Perry
Well, you get the drift... So to keep myself from dying of boredom or cracking up, I took copious notes. Here's what they look like. I also wrote two little ditties dedicated to this specimen.

Ditty no 1
This man does not stop talking
Oh, I feel like walking (away)
I probably will soon start baulking 

Ditty no 2
Vomit, vomit,vomit
Shoot me with a gun
Dammit, dammit, dammit
This man is no bloody fun 

As boring as he was, I do have him to thank for this month's post. 

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