Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I've got a diem to carpe!

"Come on, Steve. We've got a diem to carpe!"
- Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

In my head I'm still waiting for the new year to begin. Of course like most people I did bring in 2015 with much pomp and celebration, perhaps a bit much even. The onset of a new year is meant to be a fresh start. To me however it hasn't started. I'm yet to have a clear plan for 2015. I'm yet to make a set of resolutions. I'm yet to unpack from my vacation! And I doubt that will happen if I continue to wait for the right moment.

So here's all that's meant to be for this year. This year I will be organised and well planned, on a personal and professional front. Health, wealth, work and family are my priorities, in no particular order. I aim to get inspired and be inspiring. I will finish what I start. I will write more. Expand my horizons. Be and stay active. Travel.

And when its time to look back on this year, I know for sure that I will be filled with a sense of fulfilment and content. This is my fresh start!

Happy new year to me! 

Reassurance in new company

Good. A buzz is extremely good. A rum and coke certainly takes the edge off. Cheers! 

Strange strange surroundings... What does one make of it? One thinks one should let go of inhibitions and do whatever one pleases. 

Notes to self on socialising 

  • Be confident
  • They are not better than me so there is no need to feel overwhelmed
  • I am not better than them either so there is no need to be patronising
  • I will have fun
  • I will not be moody
  • I will trip responsibly