Saturday, 1 September 2012

In the blossoming of my 20s...

This is Blossom Book Store.

So Blossom is this book store in Bangalore... With 3 stories of books, i feel at home here... The reasons i love the place are many... 
  • There's so many books - new and old, castaways and fresh off the writing block, hard-bound and dog eared..
  • I go in and am sure to find exactly what i've been looking for   
  • Just 1 book is never enough.. i always, always leave with at least 4 of them
  • I discover new ones; books that i never imagined myself reading - strange ones, funny ones, serious ones, pretty looking ones with crap in them - all sorts 
  • It's a joy to say hello to the staff - Mayi Gowda, Karna and whoever else is there - they smile constantly
  • I love sitting on one of the stools, amidst the tall shelves; while other readers walk around picking out theirs, i usually sit with a strange book to figure if it's worthy of being read 
  • Shopping is indeed therapeutic, when i am looking for books. I feel like a million bucks when i walk out with a bunch of them 
And strangely enough, every time i go there, i feel the call of nature... maybe its the smell.. 

It first happened at the Stella Maris College library when i was 20.. Ask my friends.. they will vouch for that feeling too. That feeling when you are excited at what you will read next and you have to make a quick trip back to the hostel room to, pardon my language, take a dump. 

No wonder i feel at home here! 

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